Kastoria is considered one of the pictereques cities of Macedonia due to its particular morphology. It is built in a peninsula, that penetrates the lake Orestiada and it unfolds amphitheatrically around the lake, in altitude 620 m bove sea level. Τhe mountains Grammos and Vitsi are raised around the city.

The lake of Kastoria, one from more beautiful the Balkans, is immediately connected with the physiognomy, the history and the development of city.It has been characterized as "Monument Natural Beauties " from the Ministry of Culture and has been included in the European Network "Nature 2000".

It covers an area of about 28 square kilometres and its maximum depth is 9.5 metres. In the region, there are nine streams flowing into the lake. The largest one of them is the stream of Xeropotamos.

One from the more important wetlands in Greece, it is hospitable house and passage of 150 species of birds all over the year.

The lake is offered for various spor, as rowing, ski, sailling, fishing and serfing. It entertains crowd of sailing events with leading event of each September the International Fights of Rowing.

Do not omit a walk round the lake. Begin your walk in the city from fish-shops and, enjoying the beautiful way with trees, you reach in the jetty and you admire the white swans that swim in cool waters of lake.